Trading Terms

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  • Collections - our fee is 20% +gst, unless otherwise specified.
  • No collection, No commission - Field visit fee of $60 +disbursements +gst may apply.
  • AP, Acknowledgement, SOFP, etc - Field visit fee of $100 +disbursements +gst for small sums, may apply.

    I hereby authorise National Collections & Investigations (NCI), to act on behalf of the above creditor in the recovery of this outstanding debt, and agree to pay commission and costs noted above, or as per NCI’s Terms and Conditions of Trade.

    On request we can supply our full Trading Terms Policy document.
    1. This agreement is within the bounds of normal trading criteria and does not require a signed acceptance of the Trading Terms to be binding.
    2. We strive to offer you efficient service at a reasonable price. On many occasions we incur disbursements on your behalf and our agents are paid upon completion of reports. In consideration of this and GST payments we must insist on payment within our terms.
    3. Our practice is to issue an invoice on completion of each matter.
    4. Accounts are payable on the 20th of the month following invoicing.  Statements will be issued upon request"  We also would like to include in here something along the lines of " Prior to any work being undertaken for a "one off client" we may request that payment is made in full, and upon reciept the job will be actioned."
    5. If an account is not paid promptly, we may elect -
      a. - to charge interest at 1.5% per month on any account outstanding one month after the date of the invoice.
      b. - to charge a late payment administration fee of 2% (+GST), applied monthly to the outstanding account balance for each calendar month or part thereof if your accounts remain unpaid after one calendar month from the date of invoice. Not to do any further work, until all accounts are paid in full.
    6. By instructing us you also acknowledge and agree that should recovery action be instigated to collect your overdue account you will be liable for applicable collection fees and commission, Solicitor and own client legal costs and court fees.
    7. We can undertake any credit checks now or in the future that we consider appropriate for whatever reason and that we can exchange information with any credit agency.


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