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Our Services

National Collections & Investigations (NCI), formally Contact Services, has been providing investigation, legal agency, debt recovery, document service and repossession services in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, and nation-wide for select clients for 14 years.

NCI is owned and operated by ex Policeman of 9 years, Glenn Wilson.

NCI Field Agents employed by NCI are carefully vetted and in most cases have a police or investigative background.

NCI Head Office is situated in Mount Maunganui, but we also have a nationwide network of agencies throughout New Zealand which enables us to provide a nation-wide coverage.


NCI adheres strictly to the ‘1983 Privacy Act’ and guarantees client confidentiality at all times.

Service Guarantee

NCI and its team strive to achieve extremely high standard and all client enquiries and instructions are handled with discretion and in a professional manner.

Fees & Charges

NCI has a standard fee structure depending on which service is required.

  • Document service : From $65 locally or $95 nationwide
  • Repossession: from $150.00 Locally or nationwide from $250.00
  • Credit Checks $85.00 (company and individual)
  • Personal field visits from $75.00
  • Lease Re-entries from $150.00
  • Skip Tracing - $70.00 per hour or part thereof
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Business and Financial

  • Credit Checks
  • loading of defaults
  • Company Incorporations
  • Property searches

    Credit Systems / Credit Management

    Do you allow credit?
    Do you have Terms of Trade?

    Minimise risk and exposure to bad debts by having appropriate credit systems, procedures and policies in place

  • Legal liability - Who is the Trading Entity?
  • What is the legal trading name?
  • How long have they been in business?

    Our Account Managers can assist with credit related matters and financial recovery.

    We can complete the necessary checks before you give credit, rather than finding out after you have already extended a line of credit that the client has a history of bad debts and late payments.
  • Company credit checks include:
  • Internet based searches of the company and directors
  • Contacting given references
  • Database Searches
  • Baycorp history checks

    Credit Control
    • Credit systems review
    • Credit checks
    • Background checks
    • Accounts receivables management

    Credit Check Form

    Debt Collection Services

    The collection of outstanding accounts can become a major issue for any supplier offering credit terms. The cost of having unpaid accounts can often be the difference between the survival or demise of the business.

    To lodge a debt with us online, please click here

    Our collection specialists are experienced in recovering accounts and we are able to provide a wide range of collection options.

    Agency visits and interviews
    Your debtor is visited, and steps taken to obtain payment in full or a suitable regular payment arrangement. Financial statement can be obtained from the debtor enabling the creditor to reach an informed decision.

    Credit checks and other searches
    A credit check can often provide an indication of the likelihood of obtaining payment from your debtor. A range of options is available from basic searches to in-depth enquiries.

    Download credit check form –click here

    Specialised debt collection
    Not all accounts are the same, and therefore you cannot assume that the collection method used for one account will be successful on another. Before commencing collection of your account, we ensure we are fully informed as to the circumstances regarding the amount outstanding, therefore minimising any delays due to issues previously raised.

    Fees & Charges
    These can be undertaken on a contingency basis or an hourly rate depending upon the individual circumstances of the situation.

    Document Services

    We effect prompt service of documents and report in a timely manner and with urgency when instructed, we can prepare and swear affidavits immediately after document service.
    Our agents are professionals, act in accordance with the law and as representatives of your business with integrity and honesty. Our agents have a full and thorough knowledge of the law with regards to service of documents in New Zealand.
    We offer a national service of legal documents around New Zealand and can also arrange for service overseas.

    Document Services

  • Court filing
  • District Court
  • High Court
  • Employment Court
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Property Law Act Notices
  • Demand Notices
  • Summons
  • Subpoenas

    Professional Investigations

    Investigations are frequently required to gather information and evidence or to determine cause and effect relating to particular incidents.

    Investigations are also a means of assessing current practices and recommendations made to minimise exposure or risk.

    Investigation Services
  • Civil Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Insurance Claims
  • Third party interviews
  • Fraud and Misappropriation
  • Matrimonial
  • Cheating Partners
  • Theft
  • Asset searches and verification
  • Court services
  • Company searches
  • Background checks
  • Property/Title searches
  • Surveillance

    Locating Persons

    Locating Services

  • Loan defaulters
  • Bad debtors
  • court Judgment absconders
  • Family matters

    Pre-Employment Checks

    Avoid / minimise staff problems. We can check out prospective employees for a relatively small fee.

    Please contact us for more details.
    Pre-Employment Check Form

    Re-Entry and Distraints

    Acting for Landlords under the terms of a Deed of Lease, we will re-enter the premises e.g, Offices, Shops, Warehouses to take possession.

    Where required we will re-enter and distrain chattels and goods pursuant to the Distress and Replevin Act 1908, to recover rent arrears and costs, etc.

    Repossessions - Stock and Chattels

  • Machinery
  • Workshop plant
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Chattels
  • Retail goods
  • Merchandise
  • Computers

    Managed Storage

    We have a fully enclosed Storage warehouse for short or long term storage of vehicles and chattels. This facility has a fully monitored alarm and is manned during working hours. – Rates on aplication

    Residential Eviction

    We have considerable experience executing Court Orders and Warrants to take possession of houses, apartments, etc, which are subject to mortgages. We act for the mortgagee and using our specialist skills deal with difficult situations in a professional manner.

    Tenant Screening

    Avoid / minimise problem tenants, by using our screening programme.

    Please contact us for more details.
    Tenancy Screening Form

    Warrants & Court Orders

    We have considerable experience in executing Court Orders and Warrants.

  • Re-entry
  • Distrain
  • Evictions
  • Uplift children
  • Seize Property


    A complete tendering service for the sale of vehicles and selected chattels at competitive prices from $160 exc gst

    Tender Form


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